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Tender and Bids before PEMEX and other Government Agencies



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We assist our clients during the entire Tender Process in Mexico before the Oil Government Company (PEMEX,CFE etc.), we analyze the terms and conditions of the Bid and provide with professional legal advice in order to fulfill with all the legal requirements but without neglecting your internal polices as well as fulfilling with foreign regulations that the foreign companies need to fulfill within their Country of Origin i.e. US, UK, UE etc. 

Our lawyers have handled a broad array of Tender and Bids processes with outstanding results and an excellent legal protection basis.

The reforms and new laws that have been enacted during 2014-2015 are available for all our clients. Should you require an English version, please contact us so we can provide you with a sample in English. Should you require a Legal Advice or a comprehensive legal interpretation of a specific provision, contact us for an estimate quotation so a full explanation of the requested provision can be provided.

Should you need constant advice on the new laws and regulations on the Energy field in Mexico? Do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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