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Specialized Energy Contracts

The contract formation within the ENERGY Industry is highly complex and detailed. Therefore, it is extremely important to determine the legal obligations and rights when a contract is signed. The participation of foreign companies within the Oil Industry in Mexico requires of an accurate knowledge on the Federal Law and its Statutes, as well as all the new Reforms that have been enacted just recently in Mexico.

Our services within this area include:

  • Specialized Revision of Mexican Energy Contracts

  • Negotiating provisions with the Regulatory Authorities and Government Agencies i.e. PEMEX, CFE, Secretaría de Energía, etc.

  • Provision´s Wording Proposals of the risk diversification contract

  • Legal advice on highlighted issues: Catastrophic Events, knock-to-knock ClausesLiquidated damages, remedies, breach of contract, warranties, Disclaimers etc.

  • Intellectual Property Provisions

  • Licensing and Assignments of Rights

  • Insurance and Legal Provisions in Contracts