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 Complex Energy Cases - Casos Complejos

Litigation & Legal Proceedings 

Energy Contracts & Businesses are quite complex not only in Mexico but worldwide due to the high and scope variety of risks that represents these type of services, therefore it is essential to have a full and deep knowledge on each Energy statutory provision that regulates the services as well as the dealings with the Government agencies and third parties. 

Our legal team has a vast experience on all type of legal cases where litigation is the last resort in Court on how to protect the patrimonial assets of any legal entity as well as mitigate the damages in case there is a potential unfavorable resolution. We have specialized attorneys that could certainly act in all the instances and defenses available in Mexico.

There is also possible to initiate administrative legal proceedings before the authority in order to claim or clear an administrative issue as a consequence of internal policies and regulations of the government agency. 

Our firm has also dealt with a wide range of natural resource matters, including mining claims, oil and gas, water, and electricity. We have assisted clients in various property matters, including federal, public, state and private lands, communications sites, condemnation, easements, land exchanges, property boundary disputes, ownership disputes and rights of way.

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